Graduate Research Rooms – Terms of Use Agreement

1) Applications will be accepted only from graduate students with a UBC Library account in good standing with no outstanding Library fines.

2) Once your application is approved you will arrange to pick up your keys within two weeks.  Should you not pick up your keys within this two week period, your application to the space will be canceled.

3) The Graduate Research Rooms must be locked at all times.  Access to the rooms is via a key that you must obtain from Parking & Access Services.  An account deposit of $20 is required.

4) Each student is allocated one shelf in the cabinets of the Ridington Room to store library materials that have been signed out. More storage may be negotiated. Access to the cabinets is via a key obtained from the MAA Library.

5) Personal items as well as non-circulating library materials (including items in the reference collection) cannot be stored in the cabinets or the Graduate Research Rooms.  Any such items will be removed and personal items will be transferred to the building’s Lost and Found.

6) If you forget your keys, MAA library staff will NOT be able to retrieve stored materials from the Ridington Room cabinets nor open the Graduate Research Rooms on your behalf.

7) The Graduate Research Rooms are for individual use and only those students whose applications were approved by the Library may use the Graduate Research rooms.

8) The Graduate Research Rooms are only available when the MAA Library is open.

9) Windows must not be covered. Do not affix items to windows.

10) Furniture in the Graduate Research Rooms must not be moved outside of the room nor should furniture be moved in.

11) The MAA Library’s Food & Drink Policy is to be observed in the Graduate Research Rooms.

12) We request that students document their use of the room via the provided sign-in sheets.  Room use documentation provides evidence for continued support for dedicated graduate study space in the MAA Library.  This documentation may also be used when approving renewal requests.

13) Extension of the use of the Graduate Research Rooms will be considered upon submission of the online renewal form.  Renewal applications for the Fall/Winter academic terms (Sept-Apr) should be submitted during the month of August, and renewal applications for the summer term (May-Aug) should be submitted in April.

14) Within 5 days of the end of occupancy, which is defined as the last day of term as stipulated by the UBC Academic Year Calendar found at:, students will remove their materials from the cabinets, return the room key to Parking & Access Services, and then return the cabinet key to the MAA Library Research Help Desk or MAA Librarians Office.

15) At the end of occupancy, failure to return keys within the specified time will result in suspension of library borrowing privileges. Failure to return the Ridington Room cabinet key will result in a $20 library fine.

UBC Library is not responsible for any lost or stolen items stored in the Ridington Room Cabinets or left in the Graduate Research Rooms.

Violating any Terms of Use may result in termination of your use of the Graduate Research Rooms.

UBC Library reserves the right to change this agreement at any time.

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